About Us

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Nova Scotia’s only mobile Latin dance school, Annapolis Valley Dance Company, aims to provide a unique, friendly, accessible, and enjoyable learning experience for everyone it reaches. Each program has been thoughtfully designed with community in mind, to cater to the needs and desired outcomes of everyone who steps onto the dance floor. With classes stretching across the Annapolis Valley from Windsor to Annapolis Royal, AVDC has started a movement that has got people on their toes!

As the owner and lead dance instructor, Aurora offers more than 20 years of Latin and Ballroom dance education and professional experience to the company. She is joined by her adorably goofy partner and teaching assistant, Stuart, who serves as a motivator and inspiring role model for all beginners and anyone who may be overcoming their fear of learning to dance. Together, the couple lead the way with their natural sense of humour, light-heartedness and down to earth approach to learning.

After an incredible career of musical success, world travel, professional dancing and wild adventure, Aurora Scott has created Annapolis Valley Dance Company with a specific goal in mind; to bring Latin dance to the Annapolis Valley and to make dance accessible to all Nova Scotian's.

Aurora’s mission in life is to “be a loving voice that empowers positive change and makes a difference in the world.” In addition to being a professional singer-songwriter and entertainer, trained recreational therapy provider, certified yoga instructor and experienced Latin and Ballroom dancer, she's an entrepreneur and a natural born leader.

Her passion lies in helping others to improve their quality of life by creating moments that spark joy and promote the best possible outcome for each person she meets.

Aurora and Stuart are true believers that teamwork really does make the dream work. They are genuine, patient, and kind to everyone they reach and go out of their way to make each interaction count. They invite you to get off the couch, step out of the office, overcome a fear, or follow a dream and take a chance on something new. Who knows where it will lead you... 

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